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Thinking Outside The Box

As Business Development Consultants we pride ourselves in using cutting edge technology and an innovative approach which has helped us come up with the solution for answering the age old question of how to avoid your paying customers from transforming into a collections nightmare. By providing you with the tools necessary to make sure you remain at the top of your customers MUST PAY list, right next to rent, internet, and phone helping to keep your accounts receivables PAID ON TIME. At Plutus Financial Solutions we understand that clients paying their bills on time is the lifeblood to your continued success. We also know how difficult it is for a ALL business to get approved for lines of credit with vendors, especially when your a new business. Our process is uniquely tailored for your business model. Your positive payment accounts should be available for other lenders to view the same way negative collections accounts which is why we post your positive repayment history with us to the credit bureaus. Contact US to find out how our Net 30 & Installment accounts can help new companies establish their profiles in the business credit bureaus. We believe in being proactive in the business community and educating our entrepreneurs of the untapped opportunities surrounding us.

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We are confident that Plutus Financial Solutions will help your business achieve its goals. Contact Us today for a FREE consultation to see how we can help take your business to the next level.

Cash Advance Benefits

24 Hours Approvals

Cash Advances provide some of the fastest ways for getting the money you need right now. Funds can be deposited into your account in as little as 24-48 hours.

Easy Approvals

With Cash Advances, as long as your credit score is over 550 you can get approved since Cash Advances base their approvals on how your business performs rather then how you handle your personal credit.

Use The Money How You Decide

Cash Advances are deposited directly into your business bank account. Once the funds are deposited you can use the money any way you choose. unlike many other types of loans that require the funding to be used for a specific purpose Cash Advances give you the freedom to make your own choices.

Build Relationships With Lenders

Once you have established a record of repaying Cash Advances your company will find the doors opening for other types of funding.

Monthly Cash Flow

Since Cash Advances understand how business works they are based on the amount of money that goes through your bank account rather than on how much you actually profit per month. This allows you to get a substantial sum of money even if you are just treading water to stay afloat.

Cash Advances Are Not Loans

Since Cash Advances are not considered loans because they are actually purchasing a portion of your future sales. This loophole allows these lenders to bypass many of the strict regulations that banks and other lending institutions must abide by which make it next to impossible to secure the approvals you need to keep your business alive and growing.

Understanding Business Credit Reports

How We Help Build Your Business Credit Profile In 30 days Guaranteed.

Building Your Business Credit Profile consists of many factors


There are several credit bureaus that collect data and create business credit scores, including Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax. But compared with personal credit scores, which follow the standards set by Fair Isaac Corp. to produce a standard FICO score, business credit scores are much less streamlined. Each business credit bureau has a different formula for calculating scores, and different lenders report different types of data.


       You need at least three trade lines to get a Dun & Bradstreet Paydex score, which measures past payment history. Even if you don’t work with a lot of suppliers, we already have a relatioship with enough to help get you an AAA+ credit score in 30 days.


Although each credit bureau uses slightly different methods of crunching business credit scores, all of them consider your history of paying creditors. To ensure a good score, we make sure you make your payments early. Dun & Bradstreet only assigns perfect scores to those who pay early. A long credit history tends to weigh favorably, Also, credit utilization is a factor in business credit scores — as it is with personal credit scores. Use your cards and lines of credit, but don’t max them out. Limit your spending to 20% to 30% of your credit limit. We make sure that your payments are paid early to our suppliers so they will report a perfect payment history therefore giving your company an excellent credit score.


Small-business loans and lines of credit will boost your business credit as you make all your payments on time IF the lender reports to a business credit bureau. Unfortunately not all lenders do this, as a matter of fact the large majority of suppliers DO NOT report your positive payment history, they only send you to collections should you fail to pay.

Banks typically report to the credit bureaus, but the problem is if you don't have a credit profile established with enough positive payment experiences or if you have bad credit, you won’t qualify for a bank loan without an excellent personal credit score and be willing to personally guarantee the loan.


In addition to helping build your business’s history of paying creditors on time, We evaluate if your business credit report has any public records filed in your business’s name, including bankruptcies, judgments and liens and help you to get them straighten out. 

How Business Credit Can Help You

There are numerous benefits to having excellent business credit, however I will just go over the obvious ones here for you. 

Every entrepreneur requires more capital to grow their business. Capital is required for everything from advertising, purchasing new equipment, expanding the workforce and adding new locations along with a variety of other reasons. Having access to capital that does not require your personal guarantee is a major factor for those of you that have good credit and don't want to be held liable to repay those debt obligations should the business run into some problems and be either unable to repay or late on repaying since both scenarios will affect your personal credit scores in a negative way. This is also very important for the majority of small business owners that already have poor personal credit scores and are not able to obtain the lines of credit they so desperately need to keep moving forward. Imagine being able to just use your companies Tax Id (EIN) when you fill out credit applications and get approved without having to put your personal credit and assets on the line. Well, thats exactly what we bring to life for your company. Our process knows how to make the credit system work in our favor and we use this knowledge to help our clients get access to funding many times in excess of $100,000. This is not a get rich quick scheme, our system as a proven track record and is completely legal. Our President Donald Trump used this system to make himself the Billionaire Entrepreneur he is today. Donald Trump doesnt personally guarantee his projects he uses his business credit, and when he finds himself in trouble and unable to repay the companies financial obligations he simply threatens to file for bankruptcy and works out a deal paying back a fraction of what he owes. This is how most of the big boys play the game. This is nothing new, we are just making this available for the small business owners that are unaware of how to make the loopholes work in your favor. 

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