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APPROVALS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!! Simply fill out our application and email back to along with:

*Copy Of A Valid State Issued ID

*Copy Of Voided Check

* Last 3 Months Business Bank Statements



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We Need Our Money Now !!!

Banks have no empathy and conveniently ignore the fact that an overwhelming majority of small to mid sized businesses are always in need of additional working capital to stay afloat or to expand, regardless it's always needed. The problem is that most businesses don't fit the criteria for traditional lenders. Due to the very strict requirements in the banking industry most don't qualify for any of these programs let alone an instant one. Here is a secret that banks & other conventional lenders neglect to inform you, filling out their application is only the start of a long & drawn out process. Realistically these approvals can take days, even up to a few weeks. Lucky for YOU, our funding experts are standing by ready to get you approved right now, and funded in under 48 hours.. BAD CREDIT IS NO PROBLEM!!! We only look at how your business has performed over the past 3 months via it's banks statements. Then we will tell you how much working capital you are approved for. We can have the money clear into your account in under 48 hours. Its really that simple, just fill out and sign the application and send it back with your picture ID, copy of a voided check, and last 3 months business bank statements. We will give you a decision within an hour. By introducing our weekly repayment programs we have raised the bar yet again, along with having the best rates in the industry our results speak for themselves. We are looking to help your business succeed. Your not alone here, we are in this together, we are the solution to your problem and when you win we win. We give the best rates and terms in the industry in order to provide you with the best chances for becoming a repeat customer, We understand you need this money right now to make it work for you and generate more. This industry is the only one available for todays entrepreneurs in need of right now money. 

Do You Have A Cash Advance Now? We Can Help!!!

We Buyout Your Existing Advances

At Plutus Financial we know how hard it can be when you are only about halfway through repaying your last Advance but you can't wait any longer before you get some more money hopefully, with some better repayment terms. Luckily, we have an amazing program designed specifically for businesses that already received an Advance but need more Capital Right Now. If you currently have any open Advances that you are making daily payments and are close to halfway finished we can help you TODAY. All we need are your current "Payoff Letters". We have programs available which allow us to buy out your existing Advances and give you more than double what we buyout in new Working Capital to grow your business. We also have weekly payment plans available to relieve you from the burden of those daily withdrawals. 

Giving You The Lowest Rates In The Industry

We have teamed up with some private investors that will allow us to fund deals at the lowest rates in the industry. Contact Us to learn more. We can give you solid numbers, rates, and terms within 1 hour after you submit the following to: 

* Copy Of A Valid State Issued ID

* Copy Of A Voided Business Check

* Signed Funding Application

* Last 3 Months Business Bank Statements

     ***(No Personal Accounts)***