The Plutus Team

Peter Risco - C.E.O.

With over 20 years experience as a Corporate Finance Consultant. Peter is an expert in successfully building and maintaining today's Entrepreneur. 

Andrés Rosa - ISO Liaison

Andrés has more than 15 years working on Wall Street in the Corporate Finance Sector. Having mastered his craft, Andés knows the right approach for every situation. which makes him an excellent fit for on boarding our new ISO's and productively maintaining our existing ISO relationships.

Elvis Vistor - AR / AP Director

Elvis ensures that any questions from our clients about their invoice are answered quickly. Having over 13 years working as a bookkeeper for numerous restaurants in NYC. This has made him an expert at keeping our business moving forward by staying on top of who owes us and who we owe.

Mike Kelsic - Lead Qualifier

Mike has over 20 years experience running telemarketing campaigns. As the leader of our call center Mike is constantly coming up with innovative ways to make the customer's experience as quick and pleasant as possible.

Greyson Cruz - Director of Operations

Greyson has been in the sales industry since he was 13 assisting with his cousins retail store in a mall in NJ. He understands how to make sure the client is educated enough to make well informed decisions. Greyson handles the day to day operations of our sales floor.

Nathan Gozman - Underwriter

Nathan has over 20 years experience in the Auto & Corporate Finance Industry. As an F&I in the car industry Nathan understands how to evaluate and analyze loan documents in order to determine if each client meets our Funding criteria.