ISO Relationship Experts

We know how much money our ISO's invest to locate their leads, then how hard you work to close the deal. Thats why we make sure your clients have an approval with some numbers within 1 hour, then we quickly move your clients through the approval process so they can get funded in 24 hours. Customer service remains our top priority. 

Funding Multiple Positions

We know many times merchants secure 1st position approvals that are simply not enough to get the job done. We don't mind taking 2nd & 3rd positions for your clients. 

Buying Out Existing Advances

We can buy out your clients existing advances and get them into a new advance with more favorable terms. We are able to provide weekly payments instead of daily. We also can provide 3, 6, 9, 12 & 18 month repayment terms. 

We Live For Renewals

We provide the best service to our partnerss and their clients, We are direct lenders and are able to give your clients the best rates in the industry and still make a fair profit. We believe giving your clients the most competitive rates will encourage them to continue renewing with us. We hope that your experience with us leads you to continue sending us all your deals from now on. When any of your clients choose to renew with us you will receive your commission as if you resubmitted the deal yourself. We hold our reputation for paying our ISO's for EVERY deal we fund for their clients to the highest standard. 


Rate Sheets will be emailed directly upon approval of ISO into the program. 

PLUTUS FINANCIAL Agent Agreement (pdf)


Blank W-9 (pdf) ISO Alternative Funding / Unsecured Business Funding (pdf)