Plutus Financial Solutions has Funding Programs custom designed to service the needs of the Retail industry. We know there comes times during the yearly cycle that you need extra cash for a variety of opportunities to grow your business like stocking up on products or opening a new location before the Holliday rush. 

Being in a retail business may land you a fortune if you have the competence to survive in this highly competitive shark tank as sure as the night follows the day your retail business will need a cash infusion, and chances are high that you will not have the luxury of time to wait for the approval of a traditional bank loan. This is where our Retail Funding Program comes to the rescue. We understand the ups and downs faced by retail businesses, and it is this has enabled us to create a financing program that is uniquely tailored considering all the variables of the financial cycle of retail business.  we make it a point to formulate a payback plan that leaves you with the buffer you need for satiating the operational requisites of your business. Hence, if you are looking for a financing plan that is designed especially for your needs. For Fast & Easy Approvals simply fill out our funding app and email your last 3 months business bank statements and we give you numbers, rates, & terms. We can get you funded in 24 hours. Contact us to get Pre-Approved in under an hour.