Salons & Barbershops

We understand the challenges faced by Salons and Barbershops, Our Funding Programs are uniquely tailored to provide fast cash for your Salon or Barbershop. As the owner of a salon, you not only need to ensure that you employ skilled stylists, but also must have a modern facility and equipment. 

Simple Application Process

Plutus Financial Solutions, we realize that obtaining financing for your business can be no easy task. This is why its good to have some cash in reserve in the event a storm pops up. We provide a fast & easy way to fund your Salon or Barbershop. Unlike conventionall banks, we get you money in hours not weeks.

Fast Approvals

Our Salon Funding Program makes it possible for you to get the funds deposited in just 24 hours. And best of all, we do not require you to have an excellent credit history, We also don't require any tax returns.

Apply Now

 Fill out our online inquiry form and talk with one of our funding specialists. We only require a completed one page application and your 3 most recent business bank statements.