SBA Loans

SBA Qualification Requirements

SBA Loans go up to $350K 7%APR 10 Year Monthly Payments. These are excellent programs which provide small businesses with the most aggressive lending rates & terms over any options available to small businesses today. These programs require more documentation but if you qualify they can be an enormous benefit to the growth of your company. We have designed the following checklist to let you quickly determine if you can qualify for these types of loans or not.

- 3 Years Personal & Business Tax Returns

- Personal Financial Statement

- Balance Sheet

- Profit & Loss

- 680+ Credit Score

- No Bankruptcies 3+ Years 

- No Felony Convictions

Easy Pre-Approval Process

Once you determine you can meet the minimum requirements stated above we can proceed to get you a Pre-Approval with nothing more than emailing us your 2016 Personal & Business Tax Returns. After we confirm your Pre-Approved we will require you to submit the remainder of the documents listed above. This does not make any hard or soft inquiries on your credit report.